Extended Health Care Plans (EHCP)

If you have an extended health care plan through your employer or pension,  you may be qualified for physiotherapy coverage.     Due to issue of confidentiality,  we strongly recommend that you call up your insurance carrier and obtain information such as:

  • Your annual maximum allowable for physiotherapy,
  • Any deductible or co-payment,
  • Definition of “per annum”.  

 Some insurance carriers define annual maximum based on calendar year where as others define annual maximum based on your birthday or the date when you joined the insurance plan.

  • Whether physician referral is required.

By law, physiotherapists are primary health care practitioners under Regulated Health Professions Act of Ontario and as such, do not require referrals.   However,  some insurance carriers, for purpose of completing claims,  still require physician referrals.

You will be issued a copy of our invoice for professional services rendered after each visit.    You will need to submit our invoice along with the claim form to your insurance carrier for purpose of completing your claim.
Our staff is more than obliged to answer any questions regarding the process of your insurance claim but we regret that we do not have the capacity to process your claim(s) on your behalf.