Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

If you have sustained an injury while at work and require physiotherapy,   you may be covered under WSIB.     In order to qualify for WSIB coverage, you must report and file an accident report with your employer (assuming that your employer is registered with WSIB insurance) in a prompt manner.    

As a registered WSIB service provider,   we will advise you on how to access our services.  

Once your claim has been approved by WSIB, all fees for physiotherapy will be communicated between our clinic and WSIB.

Please note that under WSIB, you are not allowed to receive Chiropractic and Physiotherapy concurrently for the same injury sustained from work.

As WSIB recognizes physiotherapists as primary health care professions in Ontario,   physician referral is not required for purpose of initiating physiotherapy but as member of the health care team,   we always work closely with your physician.

For more information,  please visit WSIB at: