Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

In Ontario, benefits for motor vehicle accident is governed by the Financial Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and not the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).    

In the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident, you will need to make report to your insurance company.     For each claim, there are 2 adjustors:    one for your vehicle damage and one for your injuries.    If you have sustained injuries as result of an accident,  you must indicate during reporting,  that you have sustained injuries and will be assigned an Accident Benefits Claim Adjustor and a claim number.

With your assigned claimed number, our clinic shall co-ordinate your care with your insurance company and your physician.

Please note that in the province of Ontario, we are required by law to submit all invoices and seek reimbursement from your primary insurance carrier first (i.e. Extended Health Care Plan).  This primary insurance carrier may be your own or is through your spousal coverage.  Your automobile insurance carrier is obligated to fund any expenses which are not covered by your primary insurance carrier.      If you do not have any Extended Health Care Plan, all physiotherapy expenses incurred with your claim will be directed towards your automobile insurance company.

For more information, please visit Insurance Bureau of Canada at:

Since FSCO recognizes physiotherapists as primary health care providers in Ontario,  physician referral is not required.  However, if you are covered under an Extended Heath Care Plan (either yours or through your spouse‚Äôs),  it may require a physician referral for purpose of completing the claim.