Holistic Physiotherapy

Joanna’s treatments encompass the full body, mind and spirit, with a special focus on creating  personalized prescriptions for healing. Her multidisciplinary approach brings awareness to the chakras and includes traditional physiotherapy, hands-on energy work, and yoga. Joanna facilitates the body’s amazing ability to heal by listening and responding to its changing needs to positively resolve injuries and chronic pain issues.

Joanna has an interest in Ayurveda, nutrition, and exercise, and is always looking for new things to learn and ways to increase her knowledge and expand her practice. Joanna enjoys bringing these new resources directly to her patients and credits much of her learning to her experiences working with clients from all walks of life over the past nine years. Her truly holistic approach and comprehensive results continue to amaze and excite patients, many of whom thought they would simply have to live with injuries   or chronic pain.

Joanna firmly believes in a whole-body approach, letting the needs of the client guide each session. Just as no two clients are the same, individual sessions with Joanna are creative, resourceful and fine-tuned   to help the body progress in its natural healing process.